Latin Jazz with Mambo Italiano at Casa 425 in Claremont

Mambo Italiano at Casa 425


It’s spring but it feels like summer, and in Southern California that translates into outdoor music events. You can plan a warm evening of Latin Jazz at Hotel Casa 425 in Claremont, where Mambo Italiano will be a recurring event this summer. Their first performance was last night, but they will be back Wednesday, May 15, from 6 pm to 8 pm, and a few additional dates that you can find here.

What to expect:

  • No cover charge.
  • Nice seating (both tables and couches around a fire pit).
  • Outdoor heaters (but bring a second layer just in case).
  • The music is nice but the opportunities to dance few. This is more of a listening experience.
  • Full bar and food available.
  • Laemmle’s Claremont 5 is just around the corner.

Casa 425 is located at 425 West First Street, in Claremont CA 91711.

Keep an eye on Mambo Italiano through their Facebook page.

Enjoy Mambo Italiano in action below.

The view from the fire pits at Casa 425


Casa 425 offers a nice wine selection, like this Malbec from Argentina