Gilberto Santarosa and Sheila E. at the Hollywood Bowl – totally rocked! - Gilberto Santarosa at the Hollywood BowlPut together the beautiful sound system of the Hollywood Bowl with the inebriating sound of Gilberto Santarosa’s voice (plus his awesome musicians) and of course you will have an awesome concert. Boy, was that fun!

The evening started with a set by Sheila E. The woman is 56 and you would never know it. She looks great and has the stamina of a train! She had Pete Escovedo come up on stage at the very beginning of her performance (I think it was just her way to show her Latino card). Then she started a set of… I think that was R & B… It was fun. She has an awesome saxophone player – Eddid M.

At one point she got on the drums and did her wild thing… her amazing thing… and afterwards said:  “My daddy taught me to play like that.”  Best line of the night. - Sheila E. at the Hollywood BowlBelow is a link to a video of one of her songs in one of her more active moments running around the stage and the pool circle. The link will download the video for you. The sound is better than the visual so I won’t be posting them on YouTube. The Hollywood Bowl doesn’t allow big cameras so this was taken with a very small one. You may as well listen with your eyes closed I fear… but if you’re curious enough, here it is: – Sheila E. at the Hollywood Bowl July 23, 2014

After the intermission it was Gilberto’s turn. He’s looking lean and healthy, had some nice duds on, and performed mostly his well known stuff – “Que Alguien Me Diga,” “Consciencia,” “Millon de Estrellas,” and the newer hit “Conteo Regresivo,” between them.

His musicians were all awesome, including two ladies that kicked butt… keyboard player Olga Dominguez and trumpet player Rebeca Zambrana. Gilberto spoke English to the crowd. I know he’s been doing this for years, how does he manage to sound cute every time?!

Here are a few clips. Again, your best bet is to close your eyes and listen… – Gilberto Santarosa entrance to Hollywood Bowl July 23, 2014 – Gilberto Santarosa sings “Un Millon de Estrellas” July 23, 2014 – Gilberto Santarosa talking lots – in English and Spanish – Hollywood Bowl

Totally loved being there. Next at “Americas and Americans” at the Hollywood Bowl is Gloria Estefan this Friday and Saturday, and Ruben Blades, Gustavo Dudamel, and the LA Phil on Tuesday. The links to the detailed information is on the calendar on the front page of this website. - Gilberto Santarosa at the Hollywood Bowl