Eddie Palmieri / Ray Carrion and Thee Latin Jazz Allstars / at A Mi Hacienda


Eddie Palmieri / Nov. 25, 2018 / Pico Rivera, CA


Last Sunday, Eddie Palmieri and his Latin Jazz band performed at A Mi Hacienda in Pico Rivera. I’ve seen Palmieri at grand venues. For example, last year I saw him perform at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I say this to impress on you what a lucky opportunity this concert in Pico Rivera was, having this piano master so accessible to the audience, so close by, so willing to sign vinyls and pose for pictures. It was really a rare occasion.

His show was of beautiful instrumental “danceable,” he called it, Latin Jazz. But he didn’t miss the chance to interject that the full band should have been hired, “vocalist included.” I admit it would have been nice, but since I know nothing of the internal going-ons and the cost of having a band of this caliber come over, I will remain pleased by what I saw and heard.

It should be mentioned that his set was well preceded by Ray Carrion and Thee Latin Jazz Allstars. Ray had some great local musicians up there, and they were an appropriate start to what was to come.

Cal Sakaniwa was also there, and this is a link to 253 photos out of his camera, out of which, and I don’t care what anybody says, this one has to be the best… 😉

Eddie Palmieri and Ray Carrion giving some props to VidaSalsera.com


Below I’m posting a few videos out of Cal’s camera; followed by a few shots out of my camera and phone.

This concert was a gem! Thank you Ray!


Ray Carrion and Thee Latin Jazz Allstars


Eddie Palmieri Latin Jazz band