A note for Salsa dancers about Coronavirus



March 15, 2020 update – Given Gov. Newsom’s announcement today, looks like clubs will be temporarily closed anyways and my message below is moot… except for the part about cleaning yourselves. #stayhome #stayhealthy 


Dear Salseros/as in Los Angeles,

If you touch someone or something contaminated with what we have gotten to know as “Coronavirus,” and then put your hands in your mouth or your eyes, chances are you’ll catch the bug. If you are older, it may become a serious problem. If you’re not, while it may not kill you, it will turn you into a carrier, therefore putting at risk the older people in your life. Either way, it’s bad news.

In our Salsa world, close contact and wiping sweat off our faces are just part of the deal, and while you are your own person and it’s up to you to make your own decisions, my intention here is to make you think about it. This is not the age of the Spanish Flu, when people didn’t know what hit them. Today we know what we’re talking about, and we have health authorities asking us to slow down our mingling for a couple of weeks to stop the rapid transmission of a virus that is fast and powerful.

VidaSalsera.com is an entertainment website that wants to keep you informed of the most interesting live Salsa events in town, and it will continue to do that. The decision of going out and who to dance with is up to you. However, it is only responsible to underline the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards, mind common sense, and keep public interests at heart.

As minimum requirements, I’m hoping that you…

  • Stay home if you feel sick; even if lightly. Do not go out dancing if you have a fever, or if you are sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash your hands constantly. It’s something you should have been doing all along while dancing, but now it can get your friends really sick.
  • Cover your mouth if a sneeze or a cough escapes.
  • Use antibacterial often.

If everyone does their part, the strength of this virus should subside. You can have your own opinions, but work along with health officials. If you are skeptical, do it skeptically, but do it.

I wish us all health.

Your “salsera-in-arms,” Dena.


After thought: If you went to Dia de la Salsa in Puerto Rico this past week, here’s a news item you may want to read.